Save a FloorRight file

Save a FloorRight file

  1. In FloorRight click "File" at the top and left click "Save" from the menu.

      2. Enter the customer information then click "OK".
The name at the top and telephone number at the bottom need to be filled out.

      3. Name the FloorRight file where it says "File name" and click "Save".

      4. After the file is saved, at the very top of FloorRight you will see the File name.
An unsaved FloorRight file will say "Untitled" at the top. Even though FloorRight auto saves every ten minutes it is a good habit to save the file right after setting the scale.

      5. The saved FloorRight file will look like the image below in the location you saved it.
When FloorRight is closed the user can double click a FloorRight file to open it in FloorRight.

      6. Finished.